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Silicon Valley’s Sales Academy Europe

“The Academy brings the best practices in high velocity, B2B SaaS Sales that helps the best in Silicon Valley. I feel fortunate being part of an incredibly talented team that brings this knowledge to Europe.”

  Roelof Hengst Winning By Design – Europe Initiator Silicon Valley’s Sales Academy Europe

Trusted by over 200+ SaaS Companies As A Leader In SaaS Sales Methodology And Training.


Clients include Adobe, Google, Rydoo, Bynder, Teamleader, VONQ, Outreach, GoCardless, Showpad, SendGrid, Outreach, AdRoll, Chorus, DroneDeploy, Gainsights, Prezi, Tradeshift, Folloze, Coursera amongst many, many others

About the Silicon Valley Sales Academy



SaaS Sales Method

Our Academy is a comprehensive set of training resources designed to help all customer-facing professionals level up their game using the science-based approach of The SaaS Sales Method.

Sales Reps & Leadership

If you are in a customer facing role (AE, SDR, CSM) or part of Sales Leadership (VP Sales, Sales Manager, Founder) working in a B2B high velocity selling environment you need to sign up for the Silicon Valley’s Academy. 

Basic vs Advanced

With courses available at both the individual contributor and manager level spanning content from the basic to advanced, we cover every single aspect of running a SaaS revenue organization.

Open class vs Custom

We gladly welcome you in our Open Class format programs which we run frequently. Also, should you require a customized program for your team or want us to build your internal Sales Academy we are always happy to put together a customized program to suit your needs and schedule.

B2B Sales Has Forever Changed The SaaS sales model requires far more teamwork, process, technology, and speed than any selling environment that came before it.

“The Winning By Design team are absolute experts in the SaaS sales process. WBD helped our global sales organization to improve and execute with more predictability and consistency – sharing experience from successful sales orgs and actionable behaviors that were easy to implement. Throughout the engagement we found that the WBD approach resonated with millennials which is super important for a young company like ours.”

Chris Hall CEO and Founder

How our courses work

4 Week Program

A typical Academy Program involves a four week learning program in which you attend 1 High Impact Live Session of 2 hours. In between sessions there is homework with exercises and preparation for the next session. After completion of the 4 week learning program you will be invited for a certification Exam.

High Impact Sessions

Live, interactive, full contact sessions, designed to educate you on the best practice sales blueprints and participate in active role plays to ensure you can execute these plays with your customers and improve your sales.

Online Learning Journey

Sales Mastery doesn’t happen over night. So you can continue on your learning journey through our mobile, self-paced learning module which will help you continue to learn and practise the vital skills to Master the customer-centric Winning by Design methodology.


Although we love everything digital sometimes you need to have the hard copy to mark up and continue the learning experience. We will ship you these textbooks, which are loaded with value that goes well beyond the skills we cover on the course.

Upcoming open class courses

SaaS Sales Method

This course is our flagship course and the perfect introduction into our methodology. Tailored primarily for Account Executives but evenly valuable for SDRs and teaches demo and discovery call best practices,  practical approaches to preparing and carrying out customer engagement and follow up. This course is used by existing clients as an Onboarding Program for new Sales Hires. Scheduled: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November

SaaS Sales Growing

With the Growing Program Customer Success Managers and Sales Managers learn – based on best practices – how to orchestrate customer success, renewal and expansion. Scheduled: February  2019

Sales As A Science

This course targets senior SaaS revenue leaders and teaches how to build an organization that relies on systems and process to scale and succeed. Lessons from this course can be applied to Inbound, Outbound and customer Success Team Design. Scheduled: February 2019

Adobe Sales Academy

The video describes how Adobe successfully implements a sales coaching culture based on our frameworks. Besides out open class format courses, we can build your specific Sales Program or internal Sales Academy based on your specific needs.


“The Expert Trainers work with sales teams on a day-to-day basis and are able to share their stories and knowledge in an engaging, fresh way.” Erwin Van Der Vlist Founder Speakap


“Participating in the program gave me practical tips which I am implementing in our sales department. This results in more revenue for my company. I also use the course in conversations with prospects and customer and it helps me and my colleagues a lot.” Abel Smits Sales & Account Manager


“The best investment we’ve made in our sales org: contagious with robust, practical frameworks to follow.” Christi W. Head of Training at AdRoll


“The training does not end when the trainer leaves, we’ve learned how to continue to train internally.” Jeremy S. Account Executive at Rydoo

About Winning By Design

Helping clients Assess, Design, Train and Coach their Sales Operation. We gather insights from working with cutting edge startups, scale-ups and corporates worldwide and apply it for all our clients. As a result we have developed a customer centric SaaS Sales Method for SaaS Sales Organizations.

Sales Transformation in 3 steps

Our courses are part of Sales Transformation Programs we implement for BB clients around the globe. We help these companies grow  by turning sales into science in 3 steps.

Step 1.We Assess Your Revenue Engine.

We like to first understand and benchmark your business, sales process, and sales organization to uncover specific gaps where you have opportunities to optimize. We will go through your entire sales stack.

Step 2. We’ll Help You Design A Better Operation.

We believe sales is a science and that it is possible to design a repeatable, effective operating system to drive growth.

Step 3. We’ll Implement The Change

We’ll stick with it and see changes through with training, coaching, and technology to provide turn-by-turn directions and automation where possible and appropriate. Our curriculum spans the entire customer journey.

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