About Winning By Design

Helping clients Assess, Design, Train and Coach their Sales Operation. We gather insights from working with cutting edge startups, scale-ups and corporates worldwide and apply it for all our clients. As a result we have developed a customer centric SaaS Sales Method for SaaS Sales Organizations.

Sales Transformation in 3 steps

Our courses are part of Sales Transformation Programs we implement for BB clients around the globe.
We help these companies grow  by turning sales into science in 3 steps.

Step 1.We Assess Your Revenue Engine.

We like to first understand and benchmark your business, sales process, and sales organization to uncover specific gaps where you have opportunities to optimize. We will go through your entire sales stack.

Step 2. We’ll Help You Design A Better Operation.

We believe sales is a science and that it is possible to design a repeatable, effective operating system to drive growth.

Step 3. We’ll Implement The Change

We’ll stick with it and see changes through with training, coaching, and technology to provide turn-by-turn directions and automation where possible and appropriate. Our curriculum spans the entire customer journey.