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With the Growth Program Customer Success Managers and Sales Managers learn – based on best practices – how to orchestrate customer success, renewal and expansion. If you – or your team – are in a Customer-Facing commercial role as an CSM or Sales Manager in a B2B high velocity selling environment you need to sign up for this course.

Alia Pirani

Alia Pirani

SaaS Sales Growing Expert Trainer

If you are obsessed with your SaaS customers and you need some help taking their success to new heights, I am a seasoned B2B enterprise and startup Customer Success and Customer Experience trailblazer.

After holding executive and leadership positions in both Toronto startup as well as global enterprise organizations, I’m bringing my expertise coupled with Winning by Design’s proven Scientific approach to the global startup community.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in almost every stage of the customer lifecycle including sales, onboarding, implementation, support, account management, and customer experience. A former teacher and training veteran, I bring an educational and customer-focused perspective to every interaction.

Beyond my customer-obsession, I feel most fulfilled when I’m mentoring, modelling, and motivating teams to scale delivery, quality, processes and the experiences they can provide customers. Regardless of how great your strategy is, in order to have impact it has to be executed by motivated people who buy in and are empowered to deliver.

4 Week Program

This Academy Program involves a four week learning program in which you attend 1 High Impact Live Session of 2 hours. In between sessions there is homework with exercises and preparation for the next session. After completion of the 4 week learning program you will be invited for a certification Exam.

High Impact Sessions

Four weekly scheduled live, interactive, full contact sessions, designed to educate you on the best practice sales blueprints and participate in active role plays to ensure you can execute these plays with your customers and improve your sales.

Online Learning Journey

Sales Mastery doesn’t happen over night. So you can continue on your learning journey through our mobile, self-paced learning module which will help you continue to learn and practise the vital skills to Master the customer-centric Winning by Design methodology.


Although we love everything digital sometimes you need to have the hard copy to mark up and continue the learning experience. We will ship you these textbooks, which are loaded with value that goes well beyond the skills we cover on the course.

Four weeks, four High Impact Sessions, 8 topics

Introducing: SaaS Sales Method

Week 1

  • The SaaS Sales Method
  • How to Communicate Effectively with customers

How to orchestrate Beginning of the Customer Relationship

Week 2

  • How to do a Handoff
  • How to Design a Customer Contact Cadence

How to Develop Impact

Week 3

  • How to hold a orchestration & kickoff meeting
  • How to Design a 12 month Customer Journey

How to Drive Growth

Week 4

  • How to conduct Periodic Impact Reviews
  • How to Trade during the Renewal Call
Dates October 2019 Program

Session 1: October 9             16-18 CEST

Session 2: October 16           16-18 CEST

Session 3: October 23         16-18 CEST

Session 4: October 30         16-18 CET

How the SaaS Sales Growing course works

Step 1: Register
We gladly welcome you to the program. Please use the Registration Form to subscribe to the program. We will share an invoice with you, please complete the payment before the start of the program. Then you are all set to go!
Step 2: Get your books
Next step is to order your books or let us send them, what is most convenient to you. This is all described in the Registration Form. The shipping of the books takes a few days. If the program starts without you having received the books, that is not a big problem; you can make up the reading in the following weeks. It is highly recommended though to have the books in advance.
Step 3: Prepare for the first High Impact Session
The first High Impact session is actually the actual start of the program. No preparation is needed. If your books are still underway to you, no problem. It is recommended if you received the books already to read them. The High Impact Session will be delivered via Zoom conference software, make sure you are in front of a computer with camera and use a headset. Your all set!
Step 4: Your 4 week Learning Journey starts!
Every week consists of:

  • Live High Impact Online Group Session, 2 hours via video conference (Zoom)
  • Homework and preparation for next week:
    • Exercises in Online Learning Journey
    • Real-life exercises
    • Study Textbook(s)
Step 5: Preparation for certification Exam
Go through the learning materials and make sure you are ready for the knowledge test.
Step 6: Certification Exam
This is a written test included in your Learning Journey. You have 1 hour to complete. If you pass the 75% score you are granted the Winning By Design certification!

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